Slow dancin’ in a burning room.

It’s 12:07am, and I’ve been in this position since 5pm. Laying down on the floor in complete awe of the places worship can bring you. The things that happen when the love of God comes and wrecks your heart…I don’t even know how to dance, but today I danced, devotedly. Anyone who would’ve seen me, would tell you that I looked hideous, completely ridiculous. But He said I looked beautiful when I dance. With passion, when I throw my hands in the air, when I skip on my feet and turn around in circles with my eyes closed. When my body vigorously moves under the influence of gravitational force. When I shout and mumble things in tongues and sing Him new songs, psalms. I saw Him enjoy the way I vulnerably throw my body in amplitude and gently lend on his arms, the way I furiously cling to His neck when He wraps me in His arms before letting my feet touch the ground to dance again. I don’t even know how to dance and I don’t even like to dance on my free time, but today I danced, for hours. I moved both, my feet and body, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of the soft music playing in heaven. I leaped, skipped, as of both, excitement and emotion. As I moved nimbly and quickly with joy, I ran out of breath but I didn’t care. Cause my heart was completely wrecked by His love. I just went to a place I’ve never been before and I don’t want to leave. I belong here, in this place of belonging. Me in You, and You in me. A secret place, an overwhelming place.

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