RAW worship.

Heavy hearted, weary, worried, pained, hurt, yet half way through worship,I noticed a mind-blowing phenomena. I had completely forgotten everything that was going on around me: where I was, and the name of my problems. In that moment, I forgot the condition in which I came in, because I was so focused on who I was worshipping, and the meditation of my heart and the words of my mouth in His sight. So busy lifting up my soul unto Him, that I lost myself in Him. It’s as if I was taken higher, before the throne of grace, on the sea of glass like crystals,and, was now dancing with the four living creatures. Before I knew it, what the devil had intended for my pain, the Lord turned in into into praise.

You can’t get to that part of worship/praise unless you go through the whole process. Sometimes we simply need to vomit, before we can swallow ( ok, that’s disgusting I know), and get rid of something harmful in our stomach, before we can swallow. So puke it out. Stop swallowing back by force what is really meant to come out, it’s making you sick anyways. It’s like going to the doctor’s and when he starts asking you questions, you lie. How do you expect to be helped and healed? It’s the same thing in our daily walk with the Lord. Go before Him,and be brutally honest with him. Just like David, we should be able to be so comfortable with that, that we come to Him and say ” Father, I’m hurt and angry because YOU’VE TAKEN EVERYTHING FROM ME, but that won’t change the way I serve You.” Honesty is key. It’s a strong, fundamental element in every relationship. I’ve been lied to in my past friendships and oh boy does that hurt. I’ve seen the kind of mess dishonesty does. I want you to have the ability to sit down with God and let it out no matter what you make look like. Who said, you couldn’t tell God these things? Be messy and look like a total wreck if you have to. He already knows the depth of your heart and your deepest thoughts, so instead of killing yourself trying to keep everything in, please puke it out, and let it out

Begin to use worship and the intimacy that you have with the Lord, to process life. Because quite honestly, there is nothing worst than a man who lies to himself. Take that degree of pain and turn it into a necessary component in your praise and worship. Allow what you have been through in brokeness and pain, take you to another level in your spirit. Some of you have been, and are still going through crushing situations, and you’re trying to fake it by simply praising your way out. I mean, go ahead and praise your way out, but you need to understand that pain has a purpose. It shapes you, straightens you, it fortifies you. It’s what makes a difference in your “halelluia” and “ HALELLUIA!” No matter your struggles, no matter the depth of your pain, always remember to process life, for real: be real, cry for real, grow for real, heal for real. Learn how to honestly process life in worship, and allow your struggles n circumstance add depth in your worship. Let you’re worship be RAW.

One Reply to “RAW worship.”

  1. Your metaphor about “vomiting” it all up is disgusting but so is holding back what God already knows! Unless and until we are honest with God and ourselves we cannot be healed!
    In the OT, the priests were given detailed instructions about cleansing themselves before offering their sacrifices. We too need to be “cleansed” before we worship – we do that by just putting it all before the Lord.
    Good post!!

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