Let the challenges make you strong.

It’s all about, how you deal with affliction, persecution and resistance. See when you’re training and lifting weights,its resistance training that develops muscles.The more the weights resist you the stronger you get,the more life resists you the stronger you get, the more disadvantage you have the more forceful and tenacious you become. The more you pull the arrow back the further it caters forward. That’s why the Bible says, it was good for me that I was afflicted for if I have not been afflicted I would have never known the glory of the goodness of the power ofThe Lord.” ( psalms 119:71 rephrased). 

Don’t let these afflictions make you question the grace of God in your life. Just because an area of your life is not functioning the way you want it to function, doesn’t mean theres no grace. Sometimes when something isn’t working right it becomes so big to you that you fail to acknowledge that there is grace in other areas of your life. Whatever is going wrong in your life seems to dominate your thoughts process. (Ex: If I can put a little rock in your shoes & it can hurt you so bad that your whole body is walking out of joy because of one little thing being out of place.)

Sometimes grace will put a thorn in your life so that you don’t get arrogant & hard minded, so that you don’t think so much of yourself. We’re used to grace being Santa clause giving you blessings but sometimes grace will give you trouble. It’ll put you in a position where things don’t work right in your life to bring you to your knees and make you seek God in a way you wouldn’t seek Him if everything were going your way. Grace will give you an appetite for things you didn’t have an appetite for, grace will teach you order, it’ll make you shut your mouth,it will make you hold your peace…Just because something isn’t working right doesn’t mean everything isn’t working right. Start thanking God for what is working while you’re waiting on him to fix what isn’t working. If you can thank Him for what you’ve got rather than worry about what you lack you’d be surprised with how God can move. So, LET THESE CHALLENGES MAKE YOU STRONG. For, nothing will teach you how to pray like trouble. Yes, trouble will bring you down to prayer. Actually, just life in general, life will make you a prayer warrior wither you’re a prayer warrior or not.

Passionate about Jesus you say? Then remember that passion is often burst in a process of pain, where God brings greatness out of weakness, that He brings sprint out of tribulation and adversity, that the more we are afflicted in some kind of way the more we grow.

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