An increase of You.

I need you God, more of You in my life. I have discovered that it is indisputably impossible to survive with yesterday’s portion of your presence. The soul, heart, spirit & even body thirsts for more, hungers for more. And sometimes I conceptualize scenarios in my head, of you looking at how desperate I am for You. I wonder if you see this craving to be undone before you, since most of my time consists of harassing the Holy Spirit to show me what that looks like, to show me what it means.  Because you see, I want my entire life to radiate your being, your glory and your love.

Your presence is where my soul finds rest, where my heart and spirit yields before you at your throne. If it’s possible to cling unto you more than I already am right now,  teach me and so it will be, if it’s possible to love you more than I do now, so be it. If it’s possible to desire you even more than I presently do, so be it. If it’s possible to chase after you more than now, to promptly run after this heart of yours, to a point where I feel and hear every inch of my heartbeats inside my brain rather than in my aching chest, so be it. And you know it Abba, you know I’d still pace after you even if I was deprived from my feet and legs, you know I’d be the first to crawl avenues if I had to. There is a lot I don’t yet know, but one thing I’m certain of is that, it’s possible to find you more than now, to know you more, to feel you more, to hear you more. To be drawn closer to you, so close that I can feel your breath on my face, so close that I can feel you closer than my skin, so close that I can hear you think my name. There isn’t much I know at the age of 19, but one thing I know is that I want more of you. More time in your presence, where our fingers stay locked, and the bones you have skillfully put together tangles all over you. I want so much time in your presence God, that the moment my heart explodes in praise, every other organ of my body blows open as well. There are times when I ask so much from you, but today I simply want You. I need You more, than the air I breathe, more than the words I write and the psalms I sing. Being loved by you gives me strength, and loving you deeply gives me courage. That’s why I desire to fall in love with you even more; for loving you even more will give me a deeper courage to lock fingers in yours tighter and lead nations back to you.

More: To indicate that there is a greater amount of something than before or than average. To refer to an additional thing or amount. An increase 

2 Replies to “An increase of You.”

  1. Wow wow what a blessing.
    I love how you just put in words the way I feel. And lord. Knows how much I need him and I want to be close to him.

    Is it possible to use your words to write a song with?


  2. I was very inspired by this! I feel that I want to be so close to Jesus, like a starfish that clings to the rocks near the shoreline of the ocean, so that when the boisterous waves try to knock me loose, my arms cling even tighter! I never want to let go!


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