Anne Lee

I’ve been struggling with getting into the nursing program BUT I will admit I’ve been distracted by life & “living it up”. So I finally decided to stop blaming God for my lack of education and to praise him in advance. I fasted, prayed & FINALLY God has put me in Nursing. I have 5 IMG_2491more months left to go so I want to praiseeee the lord for giving me (& my sister) the opportunity to be able to further our education despite our set backs. AND I KNOW BY GODS ALMIGHTY GRACE. That WE will make it till June & graduate. God put this desire in our heart so I know he’ll allow us to flourish in our purpose. He’s not a God of confusion but one of wisdom & knowledge. He will allow all things to go right && we pass EACH & EVERY TEST. From now till June. Thank you Jesus for ur continues blessing!!!!! Now i preach to anyone who will listen to my deep testimony about fighting depression & suicidal thought , and feeling defeated LIKE THE ENEMY WANTED ME TO FEEL!!! But if anyone reads this please keep me & my family in ur prayers.

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