Michelle Rodriguez

My testimony: I used to be lost. Lost in darkness of depression, anxiety, and unhappiness. The darkness led me into a life I knew I didn’t belong in.A life where I was in a relationship with a girl, got drunk any chance I got, got into a lot of fights and experimented with drugs. I did a lot of things I wasn’t proud of. My carelessness for myself led me to fall behind in college to even becoming under weight. It wasn’t till I began to feel trapped in my own life that I humbled myself before the lord for help aIMG_2479nd guidance. It wasn’t till then that I saw the light and he saved me. I still remember the day I felt his presence for the first time. Such warmth, peace, and comfort. It was so amazing that I began to just cry out to him. Since that day, 3 years ago, my life is completely different. I know I can’t live without my Father. He has led me to the life I live now. I am married to the man of my dreams, living in a different country pursuing my goals, and most importantly, live in peace, the one thing I desired the most before I was saved. Thank you Lord for helping me and never giving up on me

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