Okay so I’m generally terrified of singing around anyone, but my small church has a choir which we do everyone year at Christmas where we sing anIMG_2495d witness on the streets. They have always asked me to join but I’ve always been to petrified. They really need more people our church to join. Anyone so this year I was lying in bed thinking about the choir and The Lord clearly said, ‘Just go for it’ so I was like okay, I will trust you and go for it. So I showed up for choir practice awkwardly and just sang and we discovered that my voice range can’t go high at all in singing but i have a good low range, so I sing low for the choir as the bass, and everyone loves it and it fits quite well, and it’s been amazing, a real testimony to God that He lead me there and showed me that I have a voice and that it is good and fits, and that I’ve have nothing to be scared of. I have lots to work on haha, but I’m really excited for our performances on the street and I’m really having fun in the choir. Praise God! 🙌#rktestimonythursday #testimony #praiseGod

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