Ok! I suffered from severe depression, panic attacks and was homeless. A friend invited me to church. I could feel God in the building – could feel the love! I’d gone for two weeks in a row, but by Sunday of the third week the pain of my life was all too much to handle. I apologized to the God I knew existed but hadn’t yet given my life too as I planned to take my life by overdosing on my antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills- about 100 pills all together.Was ready to take theIMG_2483m all but had a vision of a suicide prevention billboard flash through my mind. Confused I called the number (had to Google it) and the woman told me to drive myself ro the hospital. The Lord sent people to the ER for 3 days while I waited to be transferred to an intake hospital and held for 72 hours for my own safety. The security gaurd the first night told me I needed to move my car from ER parking lot and that it couldn’t stay there. I was embarrassed and trying to figure out who i could tell I was in the hospital. As I was thinking he asked me why i was there. Annoyed, I said “I’m here because I was going to kill myself, I’m depressed, have panic attacks and I’m homeless.” He said “Well, Jesus was homeless and He had everything.”The next day a woman came in with stomach pain. I could hear her talking to the nurse through the curtain that separated the two beds in the room. I waited until the nurse left to get up and use the restroom. As I was walking by the woman asked “hey, are you ok?” I was surprised told her inwas fine and kept walking. When I came out of the restroom she stopped me again “what’s wrong?” She said. I didn’t know her and felt uncomfortable but told her anyway.. “I’m here because I was going to kill myself yesterday, I’m depressed, have panic attacks and I’m homeless” she said “ooh, that’s why I’m here.” I was really confused. She said “my mom and aunt are on their way over here. My aunt is an ordained minister and we’re going to pray for you.” They came the aunt rubbed my head with oil, they prayed for me, told me about struggles of their own and how they made it through. They lifted my spirit. The doc couldn’t find out what was wrong with the woman so they all left.I arrived at about 3am. It was a scary place. Don’t know how I fell asleep. When I woke up at 8 I asked the security what I needed to do since id never been anywhere like that before. He showed me where the restroom was and said breakfast would be ready soon. I sat back down and waited. He called me to him and said he wanted me to eat alone and not with the other 2 guys that were there. He could tell I was different. I wasn’t talking to myself or violent… I just couldn’t stop crying. He was trying to protect me. He took me to the kitchen where a staff member was laying out food. I began to eat while he sat to make sure no didn’t do anything i wasn’t supposed to. He asked me if I smoked. I quickly said “no!” And laughed to myself. I wanted to make sure he didn’t think I was crazy so I explained “I said no and then laughed because smoking will kill you and that’s why im here” I was built up enough at that point to laugh and joke. Done eating they escorted me to be evaluated by the psychiatrist. I told her everything. She asked me if I’d ever been in a psych ward before. I said no and just being on tbe intake was scaring me. She said “ok you’re depressed. And you can’t get over depression in 3 days. If I je you here they’ll pump you full of drugs for 3 days and it won’t help you. So I’m going to let you go.” I was picked up and brought to my belongings. Looked at my cellphone and the friend who’d invited me to church texted to see if I was foing to the woman’s retreat. I’d completely forgot about it! I didn’t have any money so I signed up to be sponsored the previous week. I checked my email voicemail etc… no messages from anyone at the church. I messaged my friend telling her “maybe it’s just not the right time”. 10-15 minutes later I got a call from a woman at the church saying I was going to the woman’s retreat on a full-scholarship. The retreat was the next day. I immediately fell to my knees and thanked God. The following day I was on my way to the retreat. The 2nd day the message was on fear and anxiety and how it doesn’t come from God. I felt like chains were breaking in my chest. The speaker said “this is an extended worship. If anyone wants to accept Jesus and their Lord and Savior you can do that now. There’s people ready to pray with you” guuuuurrrrl I jumped up at the first note of music READY to REPENT! I thought maybe I should use the restroom first since this repenting might take a while hahaha I came out and locked eyes with someone on the prayer team. I told her everything. Told her I wanted Jesus to take my whole life. The depression the panic everything! I wanted Him to be my Lord and Savior. She prayed with me, I received the Holy Spirit— my lungs opened up I could breathe!!! If anyone’s ever experienced anxiety you know how breathing is hard!!— I was healed in that moment. No more depression. No more panic disorder. Jesus is my life. Praise Him!! And thank you for this opportunity to share my testimony! God bless you xo

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  1. All I can do right now is give Jesus some praise, I just love what He does with people. He truly is a wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father and The Prince of peace. Hallelujah !!! 🙌🙌🙌


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