Vernell Lewis

These are such amazing testimonies! I have gone through several types of sexual abuse growing up and grew up feeling like my body was an object whose purpose was to bring physical pleasure. 
For years I did not know my worth and experienced depression and honestly just wanted my life to come to an end.I was always in church, even participated in church activities and groups but battled my demons secretly. It wasn’t until a few years ago that God placed ppl in my life who poured into me. God used these ppl in unbelievable ways to open my eyes to His Love. IMG_2485I am now a woman who knows my worth, excited about life, and I am so grateful that He loves me so much to help me even when I didn’t believe that He would or that He even cared. I am grateful for what I been through because I have seen my testimony contribute to the breaking of chains amongst young women and I thank God everyday for his love and for seeing me through and allowing my life to be a testimony!

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