Brokeness: Exodus 3:1

Exodus 3:1

What a contrast between Moses’ life as an Egyptian prince and his life as a Midianite shepherd! As a prince he had everything done for him; he was the famous son of the Egyptian prince. As a shepherd he had to do everything for himself; he was holding the very job he was taught to despise and he lived as an unknown foreigner. What a humbling experience this must’ve been for Moses, don’t you think? As I’ve read so far, in the book of Genesis, everyone the Lord used to elevate ,first, had to go through that same humbling experience. They all had to be brought into that place of brokeness. And it isn’t just any type of brokeness, it’s the intense type. Not the type we “think” to know.

youcantuseaneggAs you ask the Lord to break you, do you truly acknowledge what you are asking? Brokeness isn’t a game or something to be seen as small. It’s something that will completely change you, so deeply that you will start to wonder, is this truly God. Are you ready for it? Well whither you are,or not, the shift is happening. God was preparing Moses for leadership. Living the life of a shepherd and nomad, Moses learned about the ways of the people he would be leading and also about life in the wilderness. Moses couldn’t appreciate this lesson, but God was getting him ready to free Israel from Pharaoh’s grasp. When you feel your life changing, know it’s cause the Lord is preparing you for his work. That’s why, as blessed as Joseph was he still had to be broken in the pit, as smart as Paul was he still had to be knocked down his beast, broken, humbled, and brought to a place of submission. As vibrant and vivacious as Peter was, he still had to be broken: deny the Lord,humble himself and be resurrected so he can preach with power on the day of Pentecost. Yet, as wonderful as you may be, you have to be broken somewhere along the way. It’s an amazing thing, the shift is happening. It will happen to you. 

Note to self: Brokeness will help your mission.

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