Harmless observations.

There is so much I wish to do, and create but don’t get to do. I think I am sad because life happens, and it limits my minds endeavours. All I want to do right now, is create things that will make me happy, as well asthose around me. I constantly need to be on the move, and be productive. And by productive I mean, processing. I just think it’s really unhealthy for us to go on with our days if we aren’t aligned with God. It’s terrible, I can’t live like this. A couple hours is far too long for me to be okay, knowing I’ve deceived Him somehow.

You know how sometimes, you’re with your bestfriend, and although no one has anything to say, or no one really wants to do anything, yet you just want to be together, and keep each-other company? It’s the same thing with God. And sometimes those are the best moments. When you come in His presence, and although He isn’t saying anything, you just know He’s there.

It’s 12:58 am, and it’s dark outside. Everything is just still, except for the sound of my pen on these cold dusted paper lines. The world is so still, that I can hear the sound of the tears languishing these cold cheeks, so still I can hear each snowfall gently rest against my window, and the splash each rubber tire makes on the cement now covered with white carpet.

I close the lights, and I close my eyes…

Stay with me

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