No one can worship like you.

I never realized how impeccable and precious my worship was to God, until I realized how unique I am. No one can worship like you, do. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. And the best place for that, the best place to be free and be yourself, is in worship, when you worship Him.One day, I asked the Holy Spirit a few questions concerning worship, and I remember hearing Him say ” We become like the one we worship.” So as God draws us to a place of worship, we become like Him. And because we are made to His image, a reflection of His face, we are finally ourselves.

I remember being in my basement one night, on the floor in tears. I was speaking with the Lord, and I was a complete mess that day because despite the fact that I was in His presence, I felt as though I couldn’t connect the way I normally do. It was really frustrating, since it was the only thing I needed and wanted so badly, that it brought me to a level of discouragement. So I stopped singing. I just stood there, on the cold floor. And I whispered under my tired breath ” Why is it so important to you anyways.” Right in that moment, I had a vision:  of nations worshipping God, in reverence before His throne. I was just seeing a multitude of people in front of Him, bowed with hands surrendered in the air. Instantly, it brought me to tears. So I started telling Him ” Out of all those people, why do you require MY worship. What is it about me that you need so badly today, right now God. Cause you have al these people, you’re the desire of nations, yet you desire Me. Why?” I broke down in complete tears. And that’s when, my moment of worship really began. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit manifest itself so powerfully that day. In that moment, I had a soft piano instrumental playing in the background, and suddenly I found myself worshipping and dancing shouting and singing. The Holy Spirit dropped a few words into my spirit, that exploded in my heart, which turned into whispers, and then into a new song that I started to sing: No one can worship you the way I do. It first started with those words, the more I’d sing it out, the deeper I found myself in worship. Looking back at it today, I can say that was probably one of my most valuable moments with God, among many of course. Because that day, I understood the importance of MY worship in the sight of God.

You know, nations and nations across the world worship and desire Him, yet He desires ME. He still chooses to feast over my worship, my life, my heart of worship. He chooses to never miss it, everyday. He chooses to accept it, as a sweet fragrance. Despite the fact that, millions of people worship Him each day, He still needs YOUR worship. There is something particular about the way you worship Him that He simply can’t deprive Himself from. No one can worship him the way YOU do. No one will tell Him those exact words you tell him, no one will offer Him those exact tears to wipe away the way you do, no one will raise their hands in surrender the way you do, no one will dance for Him in His presence the way you do, no one will bow down in complete reverence to Him the way you do, no one will shout for Him like you do, no one will yield their heart to Him the way you do. We spend our time trying to fit in, even in the church by trying to resemble others around us, that we forget that our differences are what God admires most in us. Don’t try to sound like the choir leader, or look like the brother that’s always dancing in front ( okay, no that’s a lie. No one ever want’s to look like the brother dancing in the front lol). He strategically created us differently for a reason, but we forget that sometimes. No one calls Him “Abba” the way you do, no one runs into His arms to lay down against His chest saying ” Papa, I love you” the way you do. Yet, that’s His favourite part. Your words, your tears, your shouts, your yielded heart, your hands in surrender, your dance moves…your worship, is all He asks for. He is the desire of nations, yet He desires your worship. He is very well pleased with the way you worship Him. He is very well pleased with you.

Also, sometimes I lose myself, I lose track of myself. But then, when I find myself worshipping Him, by remembering who’s I am, I am remembered of who I am. I am unique, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am, different, I am weird to the eyes of others because I just don’t care of what others may have to say about me, of how distinctively I do things, I speak, I dress, I sing, I write, I worship considering that, as long as He enjoys me, it’s all that matters. I am remembered of how precious my worship is, how important it is for me to sincerely worship Him, because although nations may worship Him, no one else out there will do it like I do. There isn’t a single soul out there, that will love Him the way I do.

I am a reflexion of your face. So if there’s no one like You, than there’s no one out there like me. That’s what makes me unique. Having pieces of You, in me. 

In order to find yourself, you must first, lose yourself in worship, and find Him. By remembering Who’s you are, you remember who you are. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Wear your worship on you, let your worship be a choice you constantly make everyday when you wake up. Be yourself, because no one will love Him the way You do.

2 Replies to “No one can worship like you.”

  1. Raissa, from the bottom of my heart, with tears flowing down my face… THANK YOU. I love you sis. May God continue to pour more of HIS wisdom in you. You are favored.


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