Heart beats for You.

Your love it never fails, it never ends. Your love it never quits, it never stops chasing my soul. Before I was even born in my mother’s wound you loved me, and you knew me. This is for every time I’d runaway, and you’d come chasing after me, Papa you showed me that you won’t let go of me. Even in my sin, even in my mess.

So I just break open this bottle, because I want to waste my life on you God. Let me break open this heart, and poor it all over you Lord. You’re so worth it, worthy are you Lord. You gave it all, so I want to give it all. Every drop of who I am, on you Lamb of God. My heart beats for you, my heart it bleeds for you. Every beat of my heart, let it, let it be worship on your feet Jesus. Every tear that I weep, which comes down and you catch, and you say this is the one, the one that I love. I want to waste my life on you God. I don’t care what, people in this room may say, I don’t care anymore, I only want to please you Lord. I only want to see you smile daddy, just to make you happy. Thats all I want to do, for the rest of my life, which is to love you. Cause you won’t stop loving me, and I can’t stop, loving you.

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