Thought vomit

There’s something about You,

There’s something about You, that allows me to cringe without hesitating. Something about You, that urges me to be so happy and perfect to a point that happily saddens me, considering that I’ll never be so close to perfection. Something about You, that makes me want to be everything, all together, at the same time, and once I realize that it’s impossible, I am brought down to a gloomy state. Perhaps, the reason to my sadness at times is, because I can’t be all those things I tell myself to be for You. I am unhappy when I realize I can’t be everything at the same time. But then again…

As much as we want to be everything, at the same time, we can’t. We can only be, us, ourselves. One thing I’ve learned is that, everything doesn’t always mean “ everything” in the physical form human nature has defined it over centuries. Everything is:

-all that you can be, at its most exceeded degree and form.
-reaching the highest level of capacity one can hold, and surpass.
-allowing yourself to reach all your brain’s endeavours.
-Being afraid but doing things anyways.
-Not being perfect, but doing things perfectly.
-Allowing your brain to twist and think to higher capacity. In ways, you’ve never thought before. In ways, you’ve never trained your brain to work.
-Dreaming big. And running after dreams everyday. You aren’t allowed to quit you know. And I’m addicted to making dreams come true. Not only my own, but the ones of those around me. Have we ever considered the earth’s dream, and making it come true? ( just a thought)
-Im addicted to life, and making dreams come true, everyday. Even when they aren’t whole yet, I still like to accomplish them, although they are in parts and pieces. And when I am close to satisfaction, I take bigger steps, and dream of bigger things.

I am everything I must be. Are you?..

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