Keep your mind, in the Kingdom.

Yooooo friends, let me tell you guys a little secret. This year, it’s all about the Kingdom mind. A year where no matter what happens, my mind and spirit will constantly stay connected and locked to the Kindgom. A certain situation happened few days ago and I’ve been going to bed heavy hearted. So today the Holy Spirit woke me up and rushed me for breakfast ( read my Bible). Haha, do you ever get that feeling when you’re reading the bible that it has a sort of tone? Like, some verses are gentle and talking in a smooth voice and others slap you upside the head and be like” dude c’mon? Remember the plan!” That was me today.

Like why do we let little things get to us. Literally the littlest things, small arguments, small mistakes, small behaviours, words, people, get to us.  I don’t know, today God just reminded me how stupid and unimportant things actually look if we took the time to understand and view them more through the spiritual eyes, and on the Kingdom mind perspective. We worry too much on the little things. Things that won’t even build you towards Heaven, things that don’t even help us grow, things that don’t even help you move forward. Actually, most of those things that we obsess over, are only things that constantly put the breaks on our pedals and prevent us from staying focused on the assignment that’s been handed to us in the first place. There are bigger problems like, getting His work done! I don’t know, I think that’s just me. I couldn’t help myself but laugh. I realized how tricky the devil could be. As soon as he sees how focused and determined you are, he feels threatened cause he knows that the stronger you are the weaker he becomes. So he finds whatever he possibly can to put in our way in order to make us fall, derail and lose our way. Yet, be smart people of God. Recollect yourself quick enough before damages are done.

All I had to do today after such a good laughter in His revealing presence was open this window, look at the sun, feel His mercy & grace rise again above my head and allow it warmly shine on my face. Man, right then, I just stood there and thought about what God was doing in that exact moment, or what was going on in heaven: what worship song the angels were probably worshiping too right now, how the 24 elders are on the thrones sitting, clothed with white robes and crowns of gold on their heads. And the proceeding lightings, thunderings, and voices. Or of the 4 living creatures  who do not rest, saying ” You are worthy, O Lord” day and night before the throne. Like hellooo did you ever take in consideration that, the first creature looks like lions, one looks like a calf, one has a face like a man, and the fourth one is like a flying eagle, each having six wings, full of eyes around and within! And you want to tell me that all you can think about are your problems? Like the colour of your pants, or skirt, or what she or he said that bothered you? People, for a good 4 hours straight my mind was racing, thinking of this beautiful majestic throne of grace in the Worship room, and the majestic and great King seated on it. I contemplated on the voice of those ten thousands times ten thousands, and thousands of thousands angels, and what they sound like around the throne saying with a loud voice “ Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honour and glory and blessing!”. Oh man, and how every morning when we wake up, He orders His angels to us saying “ follow him/her”… I asked the Holy Spirit “what does heaven smell like” and He just laughed at me with the warmest smile lol ( no but really, though. What does it smell like?). I could seriously go on and on… All this to say, what goes around us in the world really doesn’t matter. See how small everything seems when you allow your mind and spirit to wander in heaven, in His presence, even just for five minutes?

I’m not even ashamed to say that I feel like crying. This world and everything in it, is vanity… Even this post will one day be washed away. I just hope you spend most of your time locked in heaven face to face with Jesus, than letting the little circumstances of life weigh you down, stress you out, and make you lose your mind. Which makes me wonder, why do we even stress out in the first place. Like, why do people always look like they’ve been running on a treadmill in a cold basement? People, relax (Unless you don’t know Jesus, in that case, stress the heck out!) Life is such a precious gift, which we are only given once. I repeat, ONCE. Once as in, something we can’t waste or recycle. Something given to us with a purpose. So why waste our time, our breath, our energies on things that get us no where? Like why do we get frantic when the storm rises, if by our sides, we have the only person that can speak peace. Let us pray more, and worry less. Like why do you worry of the clothes on your skin, or the weather outside ( aka me- y’all don’t get it, it’s really cold here in Canada). I wish I was better at coming across, what I’m trying to come across. Life here on earth is limited. Use it effectually. Waste it on God.

“ Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you”- Proverbs 4:25

When you’re eyes look straight ahead, and your eyes are fixed on Him, on the things of the Kingdom, you’ll find yourself often floating through the challenges and circumstances that occur around you. Be busy serving, be busy chasing after His own heart and not the one of men, be busy pleasing Him, and letting Him enjoy you. That’s the coolest part.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 

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