The process of

Someone asked me a question, I was never asked before and it made me think. I was asked: How did I know God told me about my destiny?

I think, the revelation to our destiny and who we are called to be is found when we are busy serving and chasing after God’s heart. It’s like I once wrote in “surface” for those who read it, when you take the time to dig underneath the surface of your skin, you realize the source of light enlightening our being. And once we discover, and find the answer to that, we find the answer to who we are. I spent, my whole life trying to figure out who I was, and what I really wanted to do. For a long time, I thought I wanted to do certain things, but never quite had my mind wrapped around those things because there was always a void. There was days, I’d find myself on my feet, and moving, but I was never truly, and fully alive. I did many many things, but was never whole. When I started to faithfully serve God, with my whole heart and soul, I started to feel things that were so unfamiliar, things I never felt before. I felt, important, and alive. And when I started to read my Bible, it became so much more than what it’s always been for all these years. It became, a soul healer, and a book of answers. I allowed myself to dream alittle, when I would read my Bible, until I realized one day, that I wasn’t dreaming,but rather, receiving visions from the Holy Spirit. I was receiving a capacity of information, I naturally and physically was unable to hold. I would write at an uncontrollable  speed. Until I understood, that the Holy Spirit started to reveal Himself to me.


I knew God told me about my destiny, the moment I started to build my world around Him. If not all, no, all of life’s answers, are found when we’re too busy serving. You find who you are, when you are close to the One who sent you.That’s when layers of our lives, of our being, start to unfold. And before you know it, when you set yourself on this journey to discover who you are, you realize that the promise land isn’t at the end, but in the process. I found myself, randomly posting things on Instagram, for reasons I still do not understand today. And I never thought, that it would of gave me so many answers to where God wants me to be. I don’t really have a precise answer to this question, because until today God is still revealing to me things about my destiny. We never really see the full things. I am only seeing in parts today, yet that’s enough to keep me going.

So young one, look no further. I know at our age, we want to make a world out of ourselves. We want to feel so alive. We want to belong somewhere so badly. We want to show the world, that we too know who we are, and that we’ve figured life out. But the truth is, until you’ve really taken the time to sit down with the One who loved you first, and allowed Him to be so close to you, closer than your skin and blood, you’re never gonna know who you are. You’re never gonna figure yourself out, because to know yourself, is to know Him first. To know your destiny, is to understand the deep mysteries of this instruction book also known as a love letter, for our lives. Do not conform to the things of this world, but let your mind be transformed by the Word. You know, the world find answers to life in strange ways. So if you’re looking for answers to who you are, don’t do it like the world does. And for some reasons, I know that you know that if you take the time to dig, you’ll find them the right way. The world says that we never truly know who we are, and that it is only revealed to us as time passes in our lifetime. No matter the age, man will always try to figure out who he is, and that the pursuit to his own identity is endless. False. Because what matters with God, isn’t necessarily the amount of time you spend in His presence, or how long you’ve been walking with Him, but the quality of your time with Him. Young people, you can know who you are, today.

So I guess my question for someone today is, do you know yourself? Do you know your destiny? And if so, are you living it, are you walking in it? How will you find your answers to life?


Shepherd Raissa.

3 Replies to “The process of”

  1. I am always amazed by your writing style. It is indeed a place for the heart. May the Lord reveals us our destiny through his Word. Thank you Raissa


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