Where can I go from Your presence?

It’s as though there’s no distance, no separation between where I stand and heaven. It’s as though, there is no room to fill up the spaces between time and eternity. Because sometimes, I just feel You up so close. I feel and hear you through everything around me. From every living thing, to things that stand still. I hear you through the strings that echoes Your miraculous name, I feel you through the keys of the piano when the hammer rebounds, and the strings continue to vibrate at their resonant frequency. I smell you through pauses in between every breaths I take, & see you in the milliseconds that crumbles in between the blink of an eye. I see Your mercies each time the sun rises, and your love every time I astonishingly admire the waterfalls. I see you in the dark, in empty fields when I close my eyes, dance for You & hear you sing over me, rejoicing over me through the process of each season. I feel your hand lay over my heart every time I hopelessly cry out to you in the secret place, and your strength sustain me each time I take risks in public. I feel the precision of the details of your hand, the texture, the feel, the warmth, the grip, the shape of each finger, every time I take hold of it when I whisper into your ears “yes” in the dark as you lead me into the light. You are everywhere… Where can I go from your presence?

I see your goodness as I delight in your faithfulness, I see your beauty explode each time I glare into the nature and hear the birds sing, the clouds gradually move, and the snow flakes landing precisely on the pavement one by one.  I see your glory through the brightness of the stars and the detailed shadows of the moon. I see your splendour across the entire universe, and in all your wonderful works and creation. You are everywhere… Where can I go from your presence?

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