Exodus 4: Take the rod in your hand, and say yes.

Moses answered, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you’?”- Exodus 4:1

1. Can you believe? After everything the Lord just told him, Moses still finds a way to doubt and object to God. Moses’ reluctance and fear were caused by over anticipation. He was worried about how the people might respond to him. We too, often build up events in our minds and then panic over what might go wrong. But we need to constantly remind ourselves that God does not ask us to go where he has not provided the means to help. Go where He leads, trusting him to supply courage, confidence, and resources at the right moment.

To be completely honest with you guys, this chapter is one of the chapters in the entire Bible, that completely changed my life and has touched me the most. Ever since I’v been walking with God, and with time, finding out His will over my life and the calling He has given me (destiny), I didn’t realize how insecure, unconfident and hesitant I was. I’m in the praise and worship team at church, yet until I took the time to meditate this chapter last summer, I had no confidence in myself whatsoever when it came to my voice ( You’ll soon enough understand where I’m going with this). I’d sing, being extremely insecure. Anyone that would tell me that I have a nice voice, I would instantly think they’re lying, all jokes aside. I always grew up being someone really shy. I hate attention, I hate when eyes are on me, or being under pressure. I hate having to talk especially in front of a big crowd. I’m more of the writer type, that sits down and communicates through words. And I simply had NO idea, that I wash holding all these negatives impression of myself, or that it even was a problem until the day I got to this chapter. I was reading this, as though I was Moses speaking to God and hesitating to say yes, showing great fear, insecurity and this huge feeling of reluctance and inadequacy. This was a long time, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember, God looked at me, and I remember hearing him say “ What is that in your hand?”. I said: A Rod/staff. And from there, I understood the importance of the gift that God put in me, in people, in order to accomplish what He calls us to do.41XbSzgvwpL._SL1008_

A shepherd’s rod was commonly a three-to six-foot wooden staff with a curved hook at the top. The shepherd used it for walking, guiding his sheep, killing snakes, and many other tasks. Still, IT WAS JUST A STICK. But, but God used the simplest shepherd’s rod Moses carried as a sign to teach him an important lesson. God takes joy in using ordinary things for extraordinary purposes.

2.  Moses raised another objection to God: Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue
“The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord? 12 Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”

It’s kind of funny. Out of all people, the Lord is calling a murderer to be a speared for a whole nation. But this is where it gets good: THE LORD CAN USE WHOEVER HE WANTS. Moses felt so unworthy. He doubted, and objected, a lot but I’m so glad he didn’t say no. Imagine the scene if he ended up saying: No, I killed somebody there last time I was there, don’t you remember that’s why I left in the first place? And matter fact, I know nothing about You, I’m sorry, you’ve go the wrong person, goodbye. Imagine the calling of God Moses would’ve passed by! The point is, simply learning how to say yes to God and to whatever He wants you to do, no matter what it may look like.
Why do we often tend to want to say no?

The thing is, when God appears to us and reveals to us the mission He has for us, our instinct response is “no”. Because we start to weigh the mission from God (calling/destiny) with ourselves in our current state. We don’t find ourselves worthy. We start to look at all our flaws, and everything we don’t yet have, everything we don’t yet know in order to accomplish this thing God has called us to. But you see, that’s not the point. That’s not why God reveals Himself to you, so that you can start looking down on yourself, say no and walk away. He asked for YOU. He was fully aware of everything that needed to change. He knows who He called to do this job. All you have to do is say yes. I love this chapter for this specific reason. Because it’s all about saying yes no matter where you are, no matter where He brings you or what those places may look like. If it’s in the dark “yes”. Because the point is, He asked for you. It’s not like He didn’t know who He was asking to do this job. It’s about trusting Him and believing that He will accomplish the work in you so that you can accomplish His work.
Moses had difficulty to speak but yet the Lord chose him to go speak to a whole nation. We can see Moses pleading to God to let him out of this mission. After all, he was not as a good speaker and would probably embarrass both himself and God. But God looked at Moses’s problem quite differently. All Moses needed was some help, and who better than God himself could help him do and say the right things. God made his mouth and would give him the words to say. It is easy for us to focus on our weaknesses, but if God asks us to do something, then he will help us get the job done. If the job involves some of our weak areas, then we can trust that He will provide words, strength, courage and ability where needed.

I really do not know who’s reading this today, but whoever you are, and wherever you are in your walk with God,  He’s asking for your yes Moses, as He reveals to you that you are holding a rod that He is ready to use for what He has called you to do. It may seem so simple and useless to you, but He is ready to use your voice, to use your pen, your words, your book, your talent, the gift He Himself has provided in order to do this thing. You may not be sure of how to use it quite yet, but He say’s that’s not a problem, I’ll teach you. He’s calling you to sing for him and your telling yourself, but Lord I can’t I don’t know how, He say’s, don’t worry, I’ll teach you. He’s calling you to be a leader and you’re telling him but Lord I’m not a leader, I don’t have the characteristics of a leader, I can barely lead myself, but He says don’t worry I’ll teach you. He’s calling you to preach the gospel and you’re telling yourself, but Lord I can’t speak, I can barely do an oral presentation in-front of a classroom without mumbling, and let alone Lord I don’t know much about the word, yet He say’s don’t worry I’ll teach you!! Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? it is not I, the Lord? Now go. I will help you speak and will teach you what to say”(v11) He say’s you’re worried for nothing because it isn’t you that will do the work, it’s Me. I just need you to say yes, and go. You say you trust Him? Then, put this trust up to the test and go! And guess what? All these wonders the Lord speaks to Moses about, will all be done with this rod Moses holds in his hands. All the wonders the Lord has been speaking to you about, will all be done with the rod you are holding right now. So stop under-estimating it, stop neglecting it. Take hold of it, and begin to walk with it towards the destiny He has called you to. It may look like nothing today, but before you know it, it will be what The Lord will use to split the Red Sea, and make the way for you and an entire nation to deliver you from Pharaoh,and into the promise land.
While it is easy to assume God can only use special skills, you must not hinder His use of the everyday contributions you can make. Little did Moses imagine the power his simple rod would wield when it became the rod of God. Your voice could become the voice of God, words of God, the pen of God.

Today, I’m presenting myself before You and I say ” Yes, Here I am”. I am maidservant of the Lord, let it be done according to your word. I trust that everything that has to change in me, will change as we go along the way. You will take care of everything. So here I Am. I love You and thank you for choosing me to do this. Thank you for seeing something good in me that I myself couldn’t. Thank you for setting me a part just for You. I put my doubts, my fears, my insecurities aside, and no matter where I am today, no matter what my life may look like right now, if it’s in the dark, I say yes. Cause I believe that later on you will turn on the light, and I will see everything I said yes to. Therefore, today I take this rod in my hands, and promise to hold on to it so that YOU can do all these wonders. In the name of Jesus, Amen.  

3. Sometime, the Lord will require us to exercise our calling in places we find most challenging. God could’ve called Moses to be a leader anywhereeee, but He chose Him to lead Israel out of Egypt. The one place Moses ran away from, is now the place where he must go back and minister. Imagine the look on Moses’ face when God said ” When you go back to Egypt, see that you shall do all those wonders.” LOL! Wait what, yea okay really funny God. You really think I’m gonna go back to Egypt? Hello, incase you forgot I ran away for a reason. Tell me to go anywhere BUT Egypt… When we were in the world, we ran away from certain places, from certain people, but once we come to Christ, sometimes those are the places where God will call us back to go minister. We ran away from certain people for a while, but sometimes those are the people He asks us to go minister to. I can’t even imagine, how fast Moses’s heart was racing as he stood at the gates of Egypt, ready to face his greatest challenge. But you know what I learned? If God calls you to do something, and go somewhere that  is an area of weakness, it means He’s ready to touch up on that layer, and work on it, so that it will no longer become a weakness, but rather a strength. You’re in a season, and He requires you to do certain things but you realize that what is needed in order to accomplish them, are what you’re weak at? Good. Cause that means, those weaknesses are about to be built up, trained so that it can soon become a strength rather than a weakness. Moses’ biggest weakness was speaking, he was slow in tongue. But the mission God called him for, worked and trained that weakness and made it become Moses’ strength through hardship. No one could talk to the people of Israel the way Moses did, no one could speak to God the way Moses did, no one could intercede for that nation the way Moses did. So again, don’t say no to God because of today’s weaknesses. If He calls you in an area that demands your biggest weakness, than you’re in the right place. Because walking with God is not about being comfortable anyways. He’s not interested in calling you in the easy place, in the comfortable places. No. He likes hardships. Because that’s where the greatest characteristics of leadership is burst, that’s where the greatest characteristics of an intercessor is formed, that’s where your spiritual muscles are built. So don’t be afraid of… the unknown. Of going to places you’re not used to, of saying yes even if you cannot see, even if the mountain seems too big, even when your weakness, that things you’re not good at is now what the Lord is calling you to be good at. Because the equation, the answer is so simple. Not easy, but simple. Grace+faith. Trust Him. I really mean it. Some of us made mistakes because we wanted to take the easy way, because we were afraid of fully saying yes to where God wanted to bring us for diverse reasons. But today, is a new day. New mercies, fresh grace at our doorstep ready to assist us as we renew our vows standing face to face with a burning bush. Today God, we are ready to face anything and everything you have set for us. We are no longer afraid of facing our weaknesses straight in the eyes, and we trust that sooner or later, they will only become strengths. Strengths that we will only use to glorify you.

Today, I encourage you to:

  • Not argue nor contest/object to whatever it is that God is calling you to do
  • Don’t waste time asking billions of questions like Moses did (lol, sorry God that’s me)
  • Simply say yes, here I am
  • Do not underestimate your rod. Take it in your hand, hold on to it with confidence, cause with it, HE will do those signs and wonders.
  • Be willing to work in your areas of weakness to burst out the greatest characteristics of strengths
  • And ask yourself, what is the rod of God in my hands & am I willing to let Him use it? Today, if God asks you like He asked Moses (v2)” What is that in your hand?” what will be your response?

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