The Mountain Top: The invitation

Truly, there’s no better place to be than right here, in this place of stillness, serenity and peace. Many of us are running dry and seeking to hear from God and to feel the Spirit. Many are seeking for restoration, healing, strengths, a simple word from God or answers to a lot without realizing that some things will never be given to us and can only happen when we lay close to the nearness of God. Some of us, have gotten too comfortable being in the midst of the crowd, in the “hype”, in every movement happening around, that we’ve lost the sensibility to hear and recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. We went as far as blaming God for being absent when really we are the ones to blame. He never left, He was always there, but you were busy seeking for Him at the wrong place. We overthink this walk by trying to complicate it by exaggerated so called spiritual explanation, which are absolutely ridiculous at times, that we ignore the simplest yet the most valuable aspect of running for Him: closeness, intimacy, worship, prayer. 

David, a man after God’s own heart and a man according to God’s own heart. No one else was entitled like Him by God. He had this special thing going on with God that distinguished Him from everyone else. He knew how to speak with God, he knew how to maintain the beautiful relationship they had. You know why? Because he knew the secret to intimacy, he knew where to find His heart: by the hillsides. Moses, the man who brought the law. He went from being a nobody, a simple stutterer, a man slow of tongue, into a world class intercessor and shepherd/leader. You know why? Because he knew where to find His heart, he knew the secret of intimacy and friendship with the Lord: at the Mountain top…
That’s where He comes down, and He speaks to you, that’s where he reveals Himself to you, and the more you know Him, the more you know yourself. That’s the beauty of it all. You will never hear the voice of God, as loud and clear as when you decide to accept the invitation and climb the mountain to be one with Him. The same way He called Moses and invited Him up to the mountain, I believe is the same invitation He is giving someone today. He has prepared two tablets for someone to come down with that will completely change their lives as well as those surrounding them, but first you must take that decision to climb and dwell where He dwells. Understand that He doesn’t dwell in the crowd.

Some of you have been asking “God, I want to know my purpose in life, reveal my destiny”, but my question is, where are you going in order to hear Him? Some of you are saying God I want to change the world, I want to influence my surrounding, your people” but my question is, where are you dwelling in order to receive the instructions. Some of you are saying “Lord I need more of you” but my question is where are you dwelling in order to receive more, some are saying “Lord I need healing, restoration, strengths, an answer, I need something Lord, just something” but my question is, WHERE ARE YOU DWELLING in order to receive all that you request from Him? Are you up in the Mountain, by the hillsides, disposed and ready to receive, or are you down there, among the crowd, in the hype, distracted and unable to hear the voice of God calling you.

I never thought it would be possible to fall in love as deep as I’ve fallen. I am high on His love and theres nothing more satisfying than the burning fire He’s rekindled in me. My time here on the Mountain so far, is an experience that cannot be traded for the world. There truly is no better place to be than right here, in His presence. Somedays I’m at His feet, somedays I find myself curled up in the palm of His hand, time-to-time I have my head laid-back again his chest and sometimes I join the angels to sing and throw him roses from our worship. As I was picking up the broken pieces of my being while climbing up the Mountain, I remember the words my tears spoke from my aching heart “ I’m coming up there Father, I’m accepting the invitation but fix me Jesus. You know everything that needs to change, You know everything that needs a touch from your healing hand. So I leave it all to You, because all I want is to dwell in Your presence”. Literally did I know, as my spirit began to boil up within me when I got there, merging into the deep parts His heart was calling in mine, I found myself whole in a heartbeat. My stay here isn’t over yet, as I repeatedly whisper to Him every morning as the rays of sun caresses my cheek bones “ Squeeze me till theres nothing left”. It’s still a process. I’m still a mess. But I’m a beautiful mess, and I can guarantee you that the broken girl who climbed up this Mountain will not be the same shepherd going down. I will shine, the same way Moses’ face shone after having seen the glory of the Lord and dwelling in it. We sometimes think that spending time with the Lord, is a matter of couple minutes per day or hours. We become content with ourselves by the minutes and hours per day spent with the Lord, and sometimes unfortunately per week. We’ve allowed our spirits and souls to be satisfied with JUST that. But really, we don’t know the glory we are truly missing by DWELLING IN it. The glory which was upon Moses wasn’t a result a visit into the presence of God, but a reward and result from dwelling, living there. He decided to leave everything behind, to go spend time with the Lord. He didn’t care about the people he left behind or the amount of people He had to leave, he didn’t care about what he was leaving behind, his social status and what not. Because he knew and allowed himself to feel that burning passion in his spirit and responding to it. And sometimes, the only way to respond to such fire, hunger, thirst within us, is by accepting to step aside and isolate ourselves from our surrounding in order to fully focus and concentrate on the voice of God only. I will never forget something a great leader of mine, told me one day. She said “The Holy Spirit has a soft voice. And He will never fight for your attention in the midst of a crowd. He does not shout”. And that’s true, its up to you to adjust and learn how to permanently be sensitive to His voice and yielded to His presence. The same people who complain, are the same people who aren’t positioned to hearing Him. Because those who are at the right PLACE, and at the right time, HEAR and witness His glory. So if you find yourself complaining about the same things over and over again,try something new. Try giving your heart and ears to the sweet and soft voice of the Holy Spirit as He invites you to a glorious place, a place that will forever change you. That place is at the Mountain top. Who knows, you could come down with two tablets in your hands written with God’s very own fingers, and your face could be so lit up that people wouldn’t be able to look at you. That’s what dwelling in His presence does. And I hope that today, right now at this very second, you are saying yes.

My prayer today is, may at least one person accepts this invitation. The invitation that calls people up to the Mountain, to lay close to His nearness.The invitation that stirs up a hunger and thirst that can never be quenched. The deep in God is calling the deep in you. I hope that as you accept, we can walk together as I share my journey here on the Mountain… I will go in further details in the upcoming post. This was simply an invitation and I hope to find you up there.

” And the Lord called Moses to the top of the mountain, and Moses went up”- Exodus 19:20

4 Replies to “The Mountain Top: The invitation”

  1. I look forward to reading all your blog😊 I don’t lnow why I hadn’t registered to receive email alerts feom you. I’m set now & ready. Thank you sis love you & God bless.


  2. I am truly impressed with what you wrote my dear. I woke up sad but after reading your post I am overwhelmed with joy and hope again. That there is God who hears our prayers, it is just a matter of knowing where you dwell in to seek for all the answers we are searchIng for and to hear his voice when he is callling.
    Be blessed my dear for being such a wonderful writer and raise spirits of many. I would love to read more of these and if possible to become your close friend. I know through you, i will learn many thing…BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU

    Liked by 1 person

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