On the Mountain Top. n1

Dear you,

If you are reading this today, it’s because you have accepted the ultimate invitation from God the Father, the Holy Spirit Himself and my heart couldn’t be in more joy. To know that we live in a generation full of hungry hearts chasing after this One thing, which is His heart. My heart rejoices to know that we are in the era, in a time where although the world is getting darker and darker, cramped and distressful, there is still few of His among nations, who live in a stillness that allows them to hear the sweet small voice of our Lord when He calls His chosen one to a higher place, on the Mountain Top. If you’re reading this today, I pray that with the conviction of the Holy Spirit, you are the one He sought first, and in response to this invitation you are choosing to seek Him in return. Or maybe you are already on the Mountain, who knows…

The LORD said to Moses, “Come up to me on the mountain and stay here, and I will give you the tablets of stone with the law and commandments I have written for their instruction.”- Exodus 24:12

His glory is like consuming fire. Go up in the midst of the clouds. Then, He will speak to you. He will give you instructions, you will meet with Him, He will reveal Himself to you and reveal His promises to you. You will dwell in His Presence and you will let Him enjoy you in return. Do not be in hurry to leave His Presence. Let Him contemplate you, what He has made in secret. Let Him speak to you about who you are, and what He has called you for. Let Him tell you what He awaits from you, where He wants to bring you, what He wants to do with you. Don’ be afraid to press in! When you will come down with the “two tablets” from the mountain, the skin on your face shall shine so bright from having seen His glory. Go up! The deep of God, is calling out the deep in you, and the deep in you is calling out the deep of God.

By accepting this invitation you must understand that you can’t just leave and go back down whenever you want. You must leave everything behind to come dwell and reside in Him. There’s no other option, it’s the only way to respond to one of the greatest privileges by the King Himself. And although it is a privilege, it is also a sacrifice. A sacrifice that is worth giving it all to know the fullness of Him. He called you, He asked for your yes, and not yours along with someone else’s. You must allow yourself to dwell in the Presence of God, and not simply visit. This place isn’t for visitors, it is called a place for those that dwell there (Psalms 91:1).

I guess it would be wise of me to advise you to, get ready because from this moment on, your world is about to be wrecked by Him and once you get to experience His glory, you will never be the same. I can promise you that once you reach that high place, and He begins to move, to show up and invade this Mountain where you dwell with His glorious Presence, nothing will satisfy you other than MORE of His Presence, MORE of Him. My life changed, yes, my life changed! My heart no longer beats the same way, my tears no longer pour out the same way during worship, my tongue doesn’t praise him the same way, my lips and my heart doesn’t worship him the same way anymore, for I have seen and I have tasted the goodness of the Lord.

I spent months, over 40 days away from everything, but it felt like a thousand years. Eternity has no time. Forty days in Your presence God and I felt like we reconnected in eternity. It felt like I didn’t know anything else but You. Forty days in Your presence God, felt like a thousands years.  Forty thousand years in space, You wrecked me God, you wrecked me. And now, I can no longer see the same way, no longer walk the same way. My steps have changed, the rhythm of my heart changed God, that too got conformed to yours. The breaths I take, are breaths taken in vain if they aren’t breath shared with You. Heartbeats that skip are worthless and useless if they don’t skip next to yours, if they don’t sound like the rhythm of Your grace God. Forty days on earth in the mountain, was worth thousand years, in eternity, in Your Presence. And now, You’re all that my hearts wants, You’re all that my hears needs, You’re my soul sufficiency.

My heart beats, skips, and beats. Skips and beats, skips, skips and bleeds for You God. Skips and beats, skips, skips and skis and then it beats and beats beats beats and then it bleeds, only for You.

Where shall I dwell, if it isn’t in the Holy Hill of the Almighty God. Where shall I dwell if it isn’t in the holy place of the most High, in the secret place. Thank you for calling me, and trusting me enough in a place as sacred, to a place as glorious, as marvellous, your secret place. Thank you for trusting me enough with Your secrets, and the things of Your heart. I don’t ever want to disappoint You. God, Holy Spirit, Help me never disappoint You, Help me never depart from Your word, and Your commandments. Holy Spirit I want to remain a dweller of Your presence. Let this be my address. Theres no other place I’d rather be, than here. For my hearts skips, and beats, skips again, skips, beats and it bleeds.

My heart skips, and it beats, skips, beats, bleeds, and it also sings. And it loves on You. I love You.

Guys, if you accepted this call, you must shut everything out, shut yourself from everything, literally. Shut your ears, your heart, everything. Cause you don’t need anything else, He’s enough. You can’t afford to miss out on a single word, letter, that He has to say to you. If you’re gonna do this you have to be determined. You can’t let anything get in the way. You can’t let your family or friends even the people in the church stop you from living this moment, this time that you are about to spend with God. Because this is when things are going to turn around for You, and I declare this in Jesus mighty name. I pray that you will not go down the same way. And because of a moment, of time well spent with Him, you will come down with tablets in your hands and you will make a difference. When you will come down, you won’t even have to say a single thing, your face will shine and it will attract everything else around you. And from there, you will make a difference. His gory inside of you will explode, and there will be an outpour wherever you stand to minister and worship, and that I declare in the name of Jesus. Your life is about to change, and so is the life of everyone else around you as well.

Moses, get ready. Go up, He’s waiting. Your life will never be the same, starting here….

“Then Moses went up to the mountain, and the cloud covered the mountain.” – Exodus 24:15

Best regards,

The Paraclete.

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