August, 13th, 2015

I had fallen so deeply and madly in love that even gravity couldn’t bring me down.

Gravity is working agains’t me,

Gravity wants to bring me down, but the altitude

that I have fallen in even gravity can’t defy it.

I didn’t care about anything else but Him.

We had become one. All I ever wanted to talk about was Him

and I knew that He spent His time talking about me in Heaven.

He had opened my eyes to see where he was and how he looked at me.

He had opened my eyes to see what home really looked like.

Oh, how it was beautiful…

Its silence and soothing harmony resonated

so deeply through my ears that my physical brain

couldn’t handle. The brightness, the beauty, the sound,

the smell, the touch of heaven was changing me daily.

And each time I’ come back to time, I felt little drops of sprinkles fall on me.

Everything shone around me. It was so beautiful.

He was everywhere, I saw Him everywhere I’d lay eyes.

That’s what love does.

I heard Him through everything.

Even in the midst of silence, I’d hear the echoes of His I love you. Even in the crack of dawn I’d hear his soothing overwhelming voice sing lullabies.

It didn’t matter where I was, Heaven would come down, and find me wherever I was,

to fill this homesick fever…

4 Replies to “HEART CRY II”

  1. Is this original?: This dope! …I posted the comment… Hey sis, I was looking at your profile and admiring, how do you design your profile with pictures and such? Your posts are absolutely inspiration to me! Thank you.


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