August, 17th, 2015

Where can I NOT worship you. You’re literally everywhere.

Your Presence follows me, and has become One with me.

Your Presence is apart of me, You live inside of me.

You are the air that I breathe, , the songs that I sing,

You are the air that I breathe, and the joy that I sing.

Without You, there is no me, You complete me in a way no one and nothing ever has in this lifetime.

I find you in the strangest places, and hear you in the

least expected symphonies, in rhythms that Im still learning

to dance in, in a joy that I’m still trying to believe in.

Your Presence is all I ever needed. But not just any dept of it,

the deepest place of You. That place where deep calls the deep.

Where the deep in you is calls out the deep in me.

And together they merge into one, and from there,

no words could ever describe this phenomena.

The secret place has changed my life. And I’m still trying to learn how to

balance the spiritual realm and the physical. What I live, see, hear and feel

with You wrecks me in the natural realm, and sometimes

I lose balance because of its power and overwhelming

effect on me. You are driving me insane!!!

If only people knew and understood what was going here, in the sanctuary, in

the tabernacle that You have instructed me to build for You

they’d run away because it’s so much to bear.

I love you, and I’ll never get tired of shouting it out loud!

Now, let my life be a reflection of this love for You.

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