August, 12th, 2014

I wanted more than that.

I was ready to dive into a depth that no man had ever experienced.

I was ready to give up the entire world just to be one with Him.

I knew, and felt it deep within, that if it not now, than never. 

There are some things that we simply can’t let pass us by in fear of it never coming back.

I understood that where He was bringing was into a place, a ground that required me alone.

I couldn’t bring a single thing along with me.

Everything I had needed to be left behind.

But I knew so damn well,

that it was all worth it no matter how hard, how painful it may be in the present moment.

I believe, I know, feel, and even hear Him/

I had come to a place where I was tired of being satisfied with just that.

I needed much more than this.

The hunger and thirst within me had increase, and if I couldn’t feed that hunger with a bigger portion, I knew I would die.

Men couldn’t feed that hunger, the humans I call friends and family couldn’t quench this thirst,

My surroundings couldn’t feed it. The closest people to me couldn’t feed that hunger. Words not even their exhortations.

I was tired of that.

I needed so much more than just a simple worship moment on a Sunday service. I needed so much more.

I needed a deeper depth, and a step into a new dimension of His presence

I needed Him so much closer than He’d ever been before.

So I spent my entire time, every mili-second I’d breath-in

chasing and seeking His nearness.

I didn’t care what I was losing or worst who I was losing.

Because what I was loosing was nothing compared to what I searched and longed for.

And with all the certitude, I knew that no one in the universe

but He could supply it.

And with all the certitude, I knew that no one in the universe

but He could supply it.

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