Psalm 55:22- Cast your burdens

Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He shall sustain you. He shall never permit the righteous be shaken” Psalm 55:22
In some versions it is written “ to cast your cares.” Our burdens, meaning worries, anxieties, problems, struggles, challenges, whatever it is in our lives that we consider a burden. None of that is made for us to actually cary. The day you accepted to live for Him and said that your life is not your own, it truly meant every single thing about you life. Including your burdens. Can you believe, our own burdens aren’t even our own possession but His since He asked us to cast it unto Him?

When you look into your life, what is that burden you’ve been carrying? When you look into your heart, what is the weight that keeps pressing in? Is it pain, a broken heart, deserted finances, a broken marriage, the storm inside the home? What is it that makes you go to bed in tears at night when no one is watching, what is it that breaks your heart every morning when you wake up before facing the day, what is it that makes you spend your days heavy hearted? I really don’t know who’s reading this today, nor do I know the kind of burdens you’ve been living with and carrying, or their weights, but one thing I know and can assure you of, is that I have a God, a Father, that is ready to care for you. He is speaking to you right now and He’s telling you to cast it all at His feet, to cry it all out while He holds you in His arms, because He wants to sustain you and care for you.
Father we are letting go of earthly things, we are letting go of our past hurts and pain, scars and wounds. Problems, struggle, challenges, things that weight us down and in return we accept to drop them at your feet and fall into You, yes we are drowning in You, and there’s nothing better and fuller than You. You are more than enough. All I need is a moment in Your Presence Love, and all You need is a single moment to fix what took men a lifetime to break. In the ocean of this world it is impossible to stay alive, one must die. But in the ocean of your love, we are more alive than we’ve ever been. Let us drown in Your love, we wanna find ourselves in the depth of your immeasurable love. We want to feel and hear your heartbeats for us. Those heartbeats that remind me that we are the apple of your eye. We open up, again and again, to let you inside of me. We make room for the waterfalls of your unending grace overwhelm me. And while here, in this place of letting go, we accept to give You our burdens. Whatever they may be, whatever their weights, because you have promised to sustain us, to be our strength, and because of that we know and we are more than confident that we will not be shaken!!

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