The documentary of a worshipper’s heart: Behind the veil

People love asking me questions like: How do you do it? How are you living your life with such a close relationship with God? How does He look so real to you? How do you get there? Everyday, my emails, my Instagram, my Facebook & my blog is flooded with messages and questions from people I may never meet from all over the world. Yet till this day, I am still unable to provide an answer that seems accurate enough to all these questions. I wish I did though. I wish I had an answer that sounds super spiritual with an x+yz=x93 type of equation in it. But I don’t. Instead I only have a simple answer. One word, seven letters. A word which I, till this day, struggle to verbally express its impact and influence in my life. One that I strongly believe is anyone and everyone’s game changer. Or perhaps should I say, life changer. Yes. This is a life changing factor. A factor that doesn’t have a formula or comes with an equation. The untainted truth that the world tries to complicate unnecessarily. It’s the root of it all, and the secret that changed my life forever, and still does: His Presence. His Presence has completely changed my life and everything I am altogether, in ways I will never be able to fully describe. When I had absolutely nothing, He was always there. And when I had no where to go, I always had this place. A safe place to run to and simply be myself.

Okay, so I made this video of me completely wrecked by Him and in complete tears unable to fully express how overwhelmed I am. This is me with no make-up on, too much vaseline on my dry lips wearing the most hideous penguin onesie. This is me behind the veil. Lost in my own words, trying to speak of the overwhelming experiences lived with Him in His Presence. I hope this awakens something inside of you.

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