The morning of March 9.

There are days like today where I wake up drowning in the presence of God. I wake up, and His presence is just so powerfully manifested that before I even get to step outside my room, I fall on my knees and begin to worship Him. Then, with a yielded heart I fall to my face. In that moment, words aren’t enough so I simply cry all the tears a human body can possibly contain, Continue reading “The morning of March 9.”

Where can I go from Your presence?

It’s as though there’s no distance, no separation between where I stand and heaven. It’s as though, there is no room to fill up the spaces between time and eternity. Because sometimes, I just feel You up so close. I feel and hear you through everything around me. From every living thing, to things that stand still. I hear you through the strings that echoes Your miraculous name, I feel you through the keys of the piano when the hammer rebounds, and the strings continue to vibrate at their resonant frequency. Continue reading “Where can I go from Your presence?”

Thought Vomit II.

What is it about the worship of men that He simply can’t seem to get enough of? Why does our worship matter so much? There in heaven, there is the four living creatures, the twenty-four elders along with the ten thousand times ten thousands, and thousands of thousands of angels with a loud voice glorifying, praising and worshipping Him day and night. And perhaps, it isn’t enough for Him? Continue reading “Thought Vomit II.”